Cost Per Click Calculator: How to Run the Numbers At Home

by sarah on Friday, 27th July 2018

The abundance of social media sites and search platforms in today’s technological ties have changed the concept of traditional advertising in a multitude of ways.

Social Media

Market analysts found that a third of all advertising spending is directed towards digital avenues, while roughly 80% of all revenue is going towards digital marketing efforts aimed at the implementation of display-style advertisements and search engine advertising.

Digital Marketing

With the enormous revenue, energy, and resources going into digital advertising and marketing campaigns, companies must have a thorough and concise understanding of the various critical elements involved in executing successful online campaigns.

A large portion of the necessary knowledge and awareness of achieving successful campaigns involves having a firm grasp on the concept of cost-per-click (CPC) models, which in its most simplified form, is the amount you or your company pays for every click on your CPC advertisements in search engine platforms such as Google AdWords.


Your cost per click relies on numerous factors, including, but not limited to, your quality score, maximum bid amount, and your position against the ad ranking of other advertisers who are bidding for the same keywords that you want.

However, the complex and somewhat perplexing tech language involved with explaining how CPC works is not the overarching purpose of this article. Learning about your quality score, maximum bidding, and ranking against competitors are important concepts that require in-depth explanations in an article intended for that subject matter.

Instead, we will today discuss how to easily calculate the cost per click amounts at home, through a variety of methods that facilitate and streamline the process for you in an immensely time-saving manner.

By now, you understand that CPC stands for Cost Per Click and that it relates to the advertising costs you are paying for the number of clicks you receive on your particular ads.

Calculating the Cost Per Click is achieved through a universal formula used by all individuals, businesses, and organisations to determine their particular CPC.

Cost Per Click

The official formula for calculating the cost per click is as follows:

Cost Per Click Calculator Formula

Don’t let the above formula give you an instant form of post-traumatic stress syndrome by taking you back to the not-so-fond memories of high school algebra class.

The formula is quite simple to solve and merely involves the insertion of relevant numbers. Breaking those numbers down into a simplified form will make the process easy for anyone trying to decipher CPC-related information.

Consider the following examples:

Example #1

• Your cost per click (CPC) is $4.00
• Your specific advertisement is shown 3,000 times but for whatever reason, receives no clicks
• End result: You pay nothing

Example #2

• Your cost per click (CPC) is $4.00
• Your specific advertisement is shown 3,000 times of which you receive 5 clicks
• End result: You pay $4.00 x 5 (clicks) for a total of $20.00

Important to remember when calculating the cost per click is the following:

• CPC = Total Cost divided by Total Clicks
• Total Cost = CPC multiplied by Total Clicks

If you’re not a fan of calculations and want rapid and precise results, you can use any one of the many cost per click calculators available online.

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The free tools include the following:

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Another great resource to look into is Know Online Advertising at, which provides a wealth of videos and online courses that can transform you into a well-versed pro quickly and efficiently.

Know Online Advertising’s informative site also provides simple explanations of concepts such as:

• Native advertising
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• Contains an immense glossary of terms so that you can become acclimated with the technical jargon you will inevitably encounter on your journey towards building a formidable online presence.

Also consider visiting The Online Advertising Guide at, who make it their primary goal to help businesses navigate the moral and mental maze of online advertising a lot simpler for you – and all for free.


Online advertising is a multifaceted task involving numerous concepts that businesses must become fully acclimated with to stay on pace within a saturated market brimming with competitors investing substantial time and resources into creating powerful and compelling digital campaigns that serve as their primary online marketing tool.

Staying abreast of the language and practices involved with online advertising is not only recommended, but it is also a crucial necessity for the survival of your business.

Fortunately, there is a vast array of helpful tools available online that not only serve as sources of information explaining complex subjects but also help businesses to make rapid calculations of important figures such as cost per click and more.

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