Online PR for Bike Retail to Beat the Competition

by sarah on Monday, 19th February 2018

It is becoming progressively tricky for companies to find the right methods for promoting their businesses and beating the competition. There are many avenues for marketing that can be adopted. However, with the influx of strategies available, sometimes it can become complicated selecting the right one.

Public relations (PR) identifies how companies communicate and manage their brand through the dissemination of information in the media. Online PR is just the same as traditional PR. The only difference is the instrument that is being used to control the information, which is the Internet

Online PR involves the sharing and engaging of content and reputation management through social media, blogs, websites, search engine optimisation (SEO) and other avenues that have a robust online impact. To ensure that your bike retail is defeating the competition, below are some strategies that can be used for your online or digital PR campaign.

Why is Online PR so Essential?

Online PR offers brands a unique approach to marketing as it encourages sales and incites curiosity about your company. It enables companies to reach a widespread audience and opens up the door for partnerships and beneficial openings. These can include sponsorships, endorsements, press releases and other advantageous marketing opportunities. The advantage to digital PR is its ability to be shared across social media platforms and reach a variety of audiences quickly.

Creative SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is an ideal way to reach clients organically. The truth is, every day a prospective client is online looking for what your company is offering. However, if they are not being directed to your page through each search, you are losing customers.

SEO has two forms: its technical style, which involves off-page work and creating backlinks or associations with search engines. The most compelling way to rank higher in search results is to offer creative on-page SEO content. Get creative through blogs and the presentation of helpful yet inspiring information. These are shareable and can attract a wide range of prospects.

Here is how to make the right content. First, create a Google Adwords account and take advantage of their keyword planner. Consider questions that are being frequently asked by your clients or to your competitors and input them into the database. Measure its search ranking.

Consider primary keywords or phrases that are receiving the most traffic and make a blog post. Use these keywords frequently, without overkill throughout the text and make mention of secondary keywords as well. Make the content flow and sound as natural as possible.

You can also create a YouTube video that can be embedded on your website. Use the same method but include primary keywords in the title. Be sure to add the primary keyword and secondary keywords in the description of the video as well. This practice will increase your ranking and bring greater awareness to your bike retail shop.

Adopting this form of online PR elevates your business. It places more eyes on your products and service and raises you above your competition.

Influential Bloggers & Social Media Personalities

Influencers are becoming one of the greatest promoters online for highlighting brands and bringing awareness to their products and services. Companies are taking this route because, as the name entails, influencers have the following online and their supporters are committed and highly engaged with their content.

They are trusted and viewed as genuine to their devotees. Influencers are honest with what they market and remain true to what they offer their followers. Their authenticity makes them well-respected and keeps their followers inclined to what they post.

With such sincerity and devotedness, you can anticipate receiving excellent results from their promotion of your brand. With an extensive following, shares, likes, comments and impressions your company can receive an increase in supporters and brand awareness within a short period.

Through the support of your brand from individuals that carry so much clout, you can certainly set yourself apart from the competition. Instead, prospects will look to your brand as opposed your rivals, due to the authority placed on your products and services.

Brand Management: Improving How Your Company is Perceived

The benefit to online public relations is that it offers brands a great deal of exposure. With millions of users searching the web and engaging on social media, there is no room for error. The goal is, of course, to put the best image out there and encourage individuals to become interested in your products and services.

Online PR, especially when used appropriately can present an ideal image of your brand to your audience. By posting engaging content, interacting with your supporters through responding to comments and inquiries, you are demonstrating your commitment to customer excellence.

It gives prospective customers a closer look into your company and enables them to feel closer to your brand. With online PR you can be creative and control what you put out for your audience to see. It also allows you to rectify issues quickly and offer content that supersedes your rivals.

Despite what many think, interacting with your completion online is also a great practice. Keeping it pleasant by responding to them or mentioning them in posts can set an excellent reputation for your brand. It demonstrates your inclusivity — a great plus for supporters and industry leaders observing your interaction.


If you own a bike retail company, adopting an online PR campaign can undoubtedly prove to be beneficial. Becoming active on social media and reaching out to influencers that are willing to promote your company on your behalf has its advantages.

Online PR is essential and enables companies to reach a broad audience and a large pool of prospective clients. Social media, maintaining consistent interaction, reaching out to brand advocates and posting engaging content are some of the most constructive ways to reach clients and establish a lasting impression.

Although your competition may also be online promoting their brand, this can be of benefit to you. Follow them, track their interactions and develop strategies that make their supporters yours. Through the use of appealing posts, visuals and persistent engagement, you can beat the competition with online PR

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