What a Social Media Assistant Can Do for Your Cycle Shop

by sarah on Monday, 12th February 2018

Marketing is fundamental to any business. Quite frankly, companies need customers to fuel their business and marketing makes this happen. Without such a crucial element, customers would never be aware of the products and services being offered by your cycle shop.

One of the most primary mediums for marketing is social media platforms. Social media and social networking play a vital role in linking a wide range of prospective customers to companies. However, if your business is uncertain of how to tap into this medium successfully, you are losing out on customers and, in turn, vital revenue.

To assist your cycle shop with the intricacies of social media and social networking, hiring a social media assistant can be of benefit, especially in terms of social networking with potential customers. These professionals have a robust understanding of social media and can use it for your business profitably. Below are various reasons why you should consider adding one to your team.

Social Media Assistants Know What They Are Doing

Social media assistants, or virtual assistants, come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Typically, they have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or business. However, it is usually not their background that deems them appropriate, but rather their level of experience.

These professionals have the communication skills required and understand completely what it means to increase the visibility, recognition and revenue of a brand. They are experienced with social media marketing and comprehend the ins and outs of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and other sites.

With this type of knowledge, they can promote your brand efficiently and effectively on a consistent basis. They know that people are on the Internet 24 hours a day tweeting, liking posts, watching videos, engaging with brands and other social media supporters. Thus, they can draw interest to your company skilfully and consistently.

They Work During Off-Hours

As mentioned, individuals are online regularly. The Internet never sleeps. Social media assistants can work during unusual hours and can manage your social media profiles when you cannot.

By doing so, they can maintain the consistency of your brand around the clock. When customers are commenting or inquiring after regular business hours or about the types of mountain bikes you have available, these questions can be answered. This ensures that inquiries are left unanswered and prospective clients do not have to wait enduringly to receive a response.

Dismissing your brand and not adhering to inquiries or engaging with supporters consistently, can have an adverse effect on how you are viewed. Customers are always looking at what other comparable brands are doing. This opens the opportunity for your rivals to rise above and quickly grab the interest of your potential customers.

With a social media assistant, customers do not have to wait for long periods of time to receive an answer. Instead, with the help of a social media assistant, they can get their answer and potentially pursue a sale with your shop.

Social Media Assistants Improve Your Visibility

Social media is an interactive medium that enables businesses to connect with a variety of different people. All of these individuals have the opportunity to become keen supporters of your brand. As a business, this is crucial.

The overall purpose of social media is to improve your visibility and increase brand awareness. This element of social media is vital. It can reaffirm a current customer’s loyalty or it can incite the interest of a prospective client that has never heard of your brand.

For example, an Instagram post may garner the interest of a new supporter based on the number of likes and engagements it has received. This, in turn, will lead them to follow your page and see what your company has to offer. For a current follower, the post may further endorse their admiration and appreciation for your cycle shop.

However, with a social media assistant monitoring and encouraging the engagement on your posts, your brand will be better acknowledged. More and more individuals will become aware of your products and services, potentially leading to higher conversions.

They Can Improve Brand Authority and the Conversion Rates

As iterated throughout this article, higher visibility increases the chances of your business making a sale. This reality relies on the fact that increased visibility boosts and also supports the authority behind your brand.

Brand authority plays a fundamental role in encouraging customers to trust and support your company. Trust is built through marketing campaigns, prominent actions and content that resonates with customers. This confidence is required to grasp the attention of consumers and encourage them to support your company.

With the consistency of posting and engaging potential customers with social media marketing, social media assistants aid in establishing authority behind your brand. They build assurance by interacting with consumers and growing their support. An increase in followers and also high engagement improves your brand’s credibility.

Once brand authority has been assigned to your company, customers are more likely to lend their support. You can then anticipate receiving higher conversion rates and more loyal customers.


If you are considering adopting social media as a part of your marketing campaign, but you are unaware of how to access it successfully, hire a social media assistant. They will provide you and your cycle shop with the tools it needs to rise above competitors and establish a real presence online.

Social media assistants offer vast experience that can remodel your brand’s online appearance and also its visibility. They play a pivotal role in building your name through active engagement, prompt replies, and creating compelling content. By regularly interacting online, you are strengthening your credibility.

Trust in your company is a principal source of gaining supporters and improving revenue. Once customers have appointed your brand as trustworthy, you can expect to receive unrelenting devotion from them.

Social media assistants have what it takes to develop various aspects of your company and to maintain its reliability. To hire such an expert, post a job posting on Indeed, Monster or sites like Upwork. Review their experience and credentials of candidates and see how they can benefit your company.

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