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So, you wanna set up shop on the web and start shipping your products to every corner of the globe (or to some of them at least)? Good call. It’s a $2 trillion market that’s tipped to double by 2020 and it doesn’t require a mathematics degree to calculate that that’s a lotta money. It won’t have escaped your attention that collectively we don’t buy so much stuff from bricks and mortar stores any more. It’s just easier to push a couple of buttons from our desks, or to swipe a few screens while idly watching TV on the sofa.

Deciding to enter the ecommerce market is easy...

Getting involved requires a little more effort however. While widgets, plugins and drag and drop interfaces have made it easier than ever to assemble your own shop, there’s still a lot of variables to factor in and a lot of ways in which you can slip up. Some of these errors will simply be time-consuming, but others have the potential to be costly and in the worst case fatal to your business. When you’re taking other people’s money and storing their personal data, your shop needs to be shipshape. You need to be running a tight operation that’s user-friendly, scalable, free of security holes and smoothly integrated with both your website and a payment provider gateway.

And that’s before you factor in all the minutiae that goes into assembling an online store: discount codes and related products and automation for dropped carts and repeat purchases, not to mention multi-region shipping options, bulk discounts, bundles, multilingual microsites, mobile-friendly forms, API fulfillment integration, pricing in multiple currencies…you get the drift. We’re not trying to put you off running your own ecommerce store – far from it. If you’ve got an idea, an angle and a plan, step right up and throw yourself wholeheartedly into the project. All we’re saying is that maybe you should take some wise hands along for the ride.

Yep, that’s us. Objective 1. We’ve been helping businesses thrive on the web for over 25 years, which by our reckoning goes all the way back to before ecommerce was even a thing. As platforms, frameworks and payment gateways have evolved, we’ve evolved with them, keeping up to speed on the latest and most effective ecommerce solutions.

If you’re unsure where to start, a good place would be by picking up the phone and giving us a call. (Email works too.) We’re not the sort to foist preconceived notions on you as to what framework you should be using and why. Instead, we’d rather listen to what you’ve got to say before recommending a solution that best fits your business model. In our experience, it makes a lot more sense to get these sorts of decisions right from the very outset rather than rushing to cobble something together only to later decide that you don’t like the framework you’ve got and migrating to an alternative model.

In addition to advising and aiding you in setting up your store, we’ll stick around to support you once your business gets up and running. Technical issues; security updates; expansion; databases; API integration: all of the nuts and bolts that make up a thriving online store in other words. Whether you’d like to introduce cryptocurrency payment or trial a new image zoom feature, we’ll help you implement it without breaking your site or adversely affecting the user experience. Ecommerce is serious business. If you’re gonna do it, partner with an experienced developer and do it right.


Common content marketing questions and answers

  • Do you offer guarantees?

    We're afraid that it's not possible to make guarantees on ROI in this industry. Please be wary of companies that claim this!

  • Is every solution customised?

    Yes, every business is individual and so are the specific needs. Our campaigns tackle your objectives in the most suitable way.

  • What makes you different from other agencies?

    We're somewhat less formal, which gives us more time to focus on doing the work. We thrive on getting our clients the right result.

  • Can we arrange a meeting?

    You sure can - ther best way to do so is request one of our free digital marketing consultations and a member of the team will get back in contact with you.


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