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It’s true what they say: leads are the lifeblood of a business. Sometimes the cliches are real. It doesn’t matter who you are, be it a corporation, SME or sole trader, you need leads. That steady in-flow of new prospects, who have the potential to turn into new customers, are required to sustain you. They’re what will keep you afloat when your existing customers aren’t buying, fuelling growth and helping you unlock new revenue streams.

Fresh leads = fresh blood = fresh money coming your way.

It’s not about greed though: it’s about business, and in business the challenge is always to do more. More growth, more leads, more customers, and yes, more money in the bank. But to say that lead generation is merely a money-grabbing exercise would be disingenuous. It’s about much more than that. It’s about unearthing prospects who would benefit from your products and services.

It’s about feeling so passionately about what you do that there’s a zeal which burns inside you, an innate desire to spread the word and help transform people’s lives for the better. But no matter how good your services are, if you can’t attract a steady stream of leads, that influx of new customers will slow to a trickle until eventually it reaches a stage where business is no longer sustainable, and that’s a scenario you never want to have to contemplate.

But you don’t need us to tell you that – you need us to help you achieve that. You’re probably expecting, at this stage, for us to explain why we’re so good at lead generation and why your business needs us to survive. And you’re right, to a point, but we’re not going to resort to hyperbole. At Objective 1, we’ve got a wealth of proven lead generation ideas to call upon. We’ve successfully used them on behalf our clients over the years and we’ve also done the same for our own business.

If you’ve tried all the tried and tested ways of generating leads – content marketing; AdWords; landing pages; social media marketing – but are drawing a blank, or simply aren’t acquiring as many new prospects as you’d like, it’s time to try a different approach. A multi-faceted lead generation campaign is simply common sense as it maximises your prospects of success and provides an array of options, any one of which may yield fruit. At Objective 1, not only have we got the lead generation ideas, but we’ve also got the means to help you implement them. Give them a try and you’ll find that they can complement or even supplant methods that you’ve been using for years.

We take a two-pronged approach to lead generation: there’s the technical side of things, where we go through your site, app and social channels to make sure that things are optimised for maximum efficacy. Forms that don’t scale well on mobile; CTAs that should be above the fold: if there are ways to boost your conversion rate, we’ll find them. But over and above that, we’ll help to direct additional traffic to your landing pages from qualified prospects who are looking to buy.

How exactly? Well, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves, but rather than force them upon you, we’ll take the time to get a feel for your business and to understand its market position, goals and ideal buyer type before formulating an effective lead generation strategy. With Objective 1 helping you scoop up leads all over the web, your business won’t just survive – it will thrive.


Common content marketing questions and answers

  • Do you offer guarantees?

    We're afraid that it's not possible to make guarantees on ROI in this industry. Please be wary of companies that claim this!

  • Is every solution customised?

    Yes, every business is individual and so are the specific needs. Our campaigns tackle your objectives in the most suitable way.

  • What makes you different from other agencies?

    We're somewhat less formal, which gives us more time to focus on doing the work. We thrive on getting our clients the right result.

  • Can we arrange a meeting?

    You sure can - ther best way to do so is request one of our free digital marketing consultations and a member of the team will get back in contact with you.


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