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The PR in Online PR stands for Public Relations, though it could just as easily stand for Press Release. The two acronyms are intertwined and an integral part of drumming up publicity on the web, but let’s not get too carried away: there’s much more to PR than churning out press releases, though they’re a good place to start. A good PR strategy is one that incorporates a variety of techniques, mediums and channels, because a multi-pronged approach is the most effective means of getting your message out there and directing traffic to your website.

What you know and who you know...

Mastering online PR comes down to a combination of what you know and who you know. You could have the most compelling story in the world but if you don’t have a list of quality contacts to place it in front of, it’s not going to gain traction. Similarly, you could have a list of excellent media contacts who are only too willing to amplify your story, but it’s not going to get any engagement if you’re sending them total crap. The magical formula for a successful online PR strategy then would appear to go as follows: Newsworthy content + good press contacts = guaranteed publicity.

That’s the holy grail that every brand is aiming for, but it’s one that few seem to achieve. Don’t let that deter you though – far from it. When you’ve got Objective 1 guiding and overseeing your PR strategy you’ve already got a head start. We’re modest types, so let’s just say that when it comes to PR, we know our stuff and have the results to prove it. As our clients will attest, we’ve got a knack for conceiving, crafting and seeding stories that show up in industry publications and leading blogs and news sites all over the web.

Why would a business such as yours want to invest in online PR? Well, let’s see. For one thing, the value of having a string of well-ranked sites linking in to yours is extremely valuable from an SEO perspective. That’s a whole lotta good link karma right there, which is worth a fortune in its own right. Over and above that, a successful public relations strategy will spread awareness about what you’re doing and will educate interested parties in your products and services. You know; the sort of interested parties who have the potential to become paying customers.

It all starts with finding an angle for a story and then building from there. You don’t have to have conceived a ground-breaking product or broken all sales records to qualify for a newsworthy story. You’d be surprised at the sort of modest achievements that can provide the ammunition for a compelling narrative. The next step is to take that seed and nurture it via a press release that’s concise, compelling and equipped with a headline that hooks the journalists who’ll be reading it. We’ll take care of that – we’ve got form for this sort of stuff. Finally, we’ll see to it that your story is distributed to a raft of valuable news websites and industry publications. Over the years, we’ve built up fruitful relationships with a number of journos, reporters and news agencies, giving us a foot in the door and an in for pitching your story.

Great PR is all about artful storytelling. You already create great products and services – that’s a feat that requires no embellishment. All you need is a helping hand in conveying that greatness to a wider audience. That’s where we come in, helping your story grow wings, take flight and elope to a fairy tale land where good publicity grows on trees and a happy ever after is guaranteed.


Common content marketing questions and answers

  • Do you offer guarantees?

    We're afraid that it's not possible to make guarantees on ROI in this industry. Please be wary of companies that claim this!

  • Is every solution customised?

    Yes, every business is individual and so are the specific needs. Our campaigns tackle your objectives in the most suitable way.

  • What makes you different from other agencies?

    We're somewhat less formal, which gives us more time to focus on doing the work. We thrive on getting our clients the right result.

  • Can we arrange a meeting?

    You sure can - ther best way to do so is request one of our free digital marketing consultations and a member of the team will get back in contact with you.


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