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UX design. UI design. Call it what you will; the important thing is that you call it something, cos if you’re talking about UX/UI design, that means you’re thinking about it and thinking about it is the first step towards doing something about it. Because UX design matters. It matters a lot. The design of your brand’s site, app, software and any other interface bearing your logo is the first thing a customer usually sees pertaining to your business. First impressions might not be everything, but they count for a lot – more than you might imagine in fact.

Sometimes the slightest of details can make dramatic differences.

As anyone who’s trialled eye-tracking software or heat-maps on a web page will attest, users make split-second decisions that dictate where their journey takes them next, and specifically whether the next click leads them deeper into the website or back the way they came. Page navigation, menu size, typefaces, colours, pop-ups, loading times and mobile-optimisation all affect UI, be it positively or negatively. What might seem obvious to you in terms of navigation may not be intuitive to a first-time visitor who hasn’t clicked that link 100 times before. That’s why UX/UI design is so crucial. Sometimes the slightest of details can make dramatic differences.

Should you minimise clutter by using a collapsible hamburger menu on mobile? Will large background images scale on smaller devices? Are your CTAs and ghost buttons too small, too large or just right? There’s a lot to agonise over. It’s the sort of intelligent head-scratching that we’ve developed quite a talent for over the years. For one thing, we’ve seen – and helped create – some of the best-looking sites on the web, and have gotten a feel for what works and what doesn’t. For another, we’re approaching your site with one advantage that you don’t have: the luxury of seeing it for the first time.

“What has been seen cannot be unseen” goes the internet meme, which pretty much summarises UX/UI. It’s a job best left to the experts, partly because they can offer a fresh perspective, but also because they have the skills to refine your UX and improve usability for new users, for returning users and for those accessing your site on a variety of devices.

If you’re wondering what the difference between UX and UI is incidentally, or indeed whether there is a difference, the answer’s yes, but the disciplines work in tandem so are generally paired up. UX (user experience design) is all about making interfaces useful – easy to interpret in other words – while UI (user interface design) is about making them attractive. When designing a new product such as a website, UX comes first, as the designer works out the route that visitors should take as they flow through the site. Once these user flows and wireframes have been tested, the UI designer gets to make them look pretty.

The best site, from a user experience, is one that is clearly laid out and easy to navigate but which is also pleasing to browse. A site with good UX, for instance, will likely only have one main goal per page, with every element placed on the page with the intention of facilitating that goal. Still confused? Okay, we’ll make one last stab at separating the two: UX is all about helping the user accomplish tasks like reach the checkout. UI is about appealing to the user on an emotional level, such as wooing them through cute icons, complementary colours and chic typefaces. UX/UI design is a bit like gravity: you don’t have to understand it fully to appreciate that it’s important. And just like gravity, our design team will help you balance your website or mobile app, making it navigable for your users and preventing them from floating off elsewhere, never


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  • Do you offer guarantees?

    We're afraid that it's not possible to make guarantees on ROI in this industry. Please be wary of companies that claim this!

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    Yes, every business is individual and so are the specific needs. Our campaigns tackle your objectives in the most suitable way.

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    We're somewhat less formal, which gives us more time to focus on doing the work. We thrive on getting our clients the right result.

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    You sure can - ther best way to do so is request one of our free digital marketing consultations and a member of the team will get back in contact with you.


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