5 Social Media Campaign Ideas for Medical Companies

by sarah on Monday, 25th June 2018

Many people might not think of medical companies as being able to use a social media campaign. However, many medical companies have successfully used social media campaigns to promote their business and drive sales.

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users, and Twitter has nearly a billion. This simply makes social media an advertising channel that you cannot ignore. Thinking of social media campaigns for your medical company is often the hardest part of a campaign.

The following list of 5 social media campaign ideas should give you inspiration for your next advertising campaign.

1. Use Testimonial Videos

Video is one of the most effective forms of advertisement. You can combine this with testimonial videos for your medical company for a social media marketing campaign. These videos can involve patients discussing the benefits of your medical company and the excellent treatment they received.


These videos can then be published on your Facebook page and Twitter account. You can even attempt to start a Twitter hashtag for your testimonial videos if you have a large enough customer base. Otherwise, you can build your own testimonial video with patients.

Another important point with testimonial videos is to ensure that the patients look enthusiastic about the testimonial. An unenthusiastic testimonial is worse than no testimonial.

2. Meet the Doctors Campaign

A social media marketing campaign that involves a glimpse into the life of the doctors at a medical company is extremely effective. Again, this is best done through the use of video because it gives the viewer a more personal connection to the doctor and their brand.

Doctors Campaign

Some ideas for this involve covering topics other than the medical industry. This gives the doctors, and company, a more personal touch. Some of these topics could include why they decided to enter the medical profession, what it means to be a doctor, and how they enjoy helping people.

Mentioning their home life and hobbies is another potential angle, and this effectively shows that medical professionals are just normal people. It really does humanise them and puts the whole company in a more positive light.

The most important thing to do with video is to insert some form of humour into the video. This increases the chances of the video going viral. It also increases the engagement of the video. You do have to be careful not to overdo the humour or risk making your company look unprofessional; this is especially important in the medical industry.

3. Patient profile video

First, you have to ensure that you do not violate privacy laws with this campaign idea. However, one strategy that many medical companies use is to advertise a patient profile. This is usually done with patients that consent to their image being used publicly.

The patient then discusses their issue and how the medical company was able to resolve the problem. Again, this is another video campaign. This idea is most effective with video because it truly allows the viewer to see themselves as the patient.

For example, if you target women that are 50-60 years old, then choose a woman that is 50-60 years old for the video. Viewers will see the video and relate to that patient. When they have a similar issue as the patient featured in the video, they will think of your medical company.

4. Hold a Contest

Contests are one of the oldest methods to generate interest in your business. They still work despite their age. Some ideas for contests include offering a chance to win valuable merchandise in exchange for sharing a social media post or liking your fan page.

Facebook has an easy built-in functionality to conduct contests and can be done through the use of the Contests for Pages app that should be available on your Facebook page manager. You can do a timeline contest, which automatically enters people that like or share a post on your page.


However, you must upgrade to a premium version of the app if you receive over 50 submissions. The other method for a contest is the form contest. The form contest is simply a form that entrants fill out to enter the contest.

Timeline contests tend to get a high amount of engagement. They will also pad your social media numbers. Form contests receive slightly less engagement, but they still build up enough interest in your product. However, the overall efficacy of a contest will vary depending on the prize and social media outreach. Further, too many contests could dilute your brand.

5. Ask a Question

Asking a good thought provoking question is a good way to help promote your medical company. You should accompany this question with a picture that will catch the attention of social media users.

Question Mark

The ideal question will be open-ended in nature and require more than one word to answer. Even better, the question will evoke some sort of emotional response in the user to entice them to respond to the post. Further, you can ask them to tag a friend. This will further the reach of your post and push it to the top of the news feed each time someone comments on it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these social media campaign ideas gave you a good idea of where to start for your next campaign. The underlying message of each of these points is to focus on generating an emotional response from everyone that views the post.

Social media campaigns that elicit an emotional response are much more likely to go viral because people will share them more often. A viral social media campaign is great because it means free exposure to your post. This, in turn, causes free exposure to your social media page and business.

The campaign ideas listed above all have the potential to go viral with the proper amount of emotion and humour inserted into each campaign. Even if the campaign lacks enough emotion and humour to go viral, it should still be relatively successful assuming it has a high enough production value and your social media page has enough reach.

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