5 Support Small Business Media Campaign Ideas

by sarah on Friday, 3rd August 2018

The power of social media is used by more than half of all business owners in the UK to forge relationships with potential customers and grow their businesses in an unprecedented way.

Consider the fact that there are over 2.6 billion users of social media spanning the globe, resulting in a large majority of businesses devoting vast amounts of time, energy and resources into cultivating their social media presence.

Businesses around the world consider their social media campaign efforts to be amongst their top media campaigning ideas due to its unsurpassed efficacy in connecting with their customer base as well as with potential customers.

Social Media

Big companies and small businesses are making a mad dash towards building formidable social media presences to build their brand, increase profits, and gain a larger stake in their particular market.

If you are an entrepreneur thinking of opening a small business, making use of all the social media available to you is a top priority in building awareness for your business, boosting sales, and beginning to build a loyal customer base.

Brainstorming creative ideas makes you distinct from the competition as well as standing out to users who already have innumerable options to choose from to comprise their web activity.

Becoming unique is easy when you analyse the concept on a small scale. Although it may be tempting to fantasise about becoming an utterly unique entity with a global presence on the internet, you should immediately start grounding yourself into reality and start thinking on the micro-level.

If you want to be uncommon, exclusive, and different from the rest, focus on your particular industry, the community you reside in, and even the marketing strategies that your company employs.

Aim to provide an unexpected experience for users but walk the line finely. You don’t want to foray into the world of the bizarre - you want to be a distinctive stand out from your competitors and to your potential customers.

Surprise your current and potential customers with an innovative and creative marketing campaign that elicits excitement, engagement, and a desire to discover more about your company and its products or services.

Try some of the standout social media campaign ideas listed below to grow your business and its audience.

1. Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a hot commodity these days in the social media world. Found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more, live streaming showcases the production processes of different kinds of businesses (bakeries, automotive shops, the crafting of Chanel handbags) and enables viewers to watch the numerous elements that go into the completed product.

Live Streaming

A sensational way to increase viewership, live streaming is among the most popular social media marketing strategies out there right now that engages viewers and encourages them to buy your products.

2. Lighten up and let loose

Images that are funny, inspirational, and elicit emotion are among the most compelling strategies a small business can undertake to build up their viewership. Some businesses fret that using humorous imagery will hinder efforts to appear professional.


However, that's not the case at all. Major corporations such as Taco Bell, Burger King, and even Tesla have used humour to captivate audiences in a unique and memorable way without reducing their aura of professionalism and expertise.

Use pictures or memes to convey the humorous side of your company as a way to further connect with your audience. Try to use imagery that fits well within your organisation’s values or your audience’s interests and lifestyles to assure relevancy and reduce the risk of having taken a professional misstep.

3. Roll with the Polls

Polls are such an effective way to gain important feedback from your users. People love to give their opinions on their experiences but are often deterred by having to take the common extra step such as having to call a number or give personal information. Creating simple polls with clickable options facilitates user interaction and ultimately brings your audience closer to your business. Ask simple questions that don’t require lengthy responses. Instead, opt for yes or no type of questions with an option to add extra feedback if desired.


Your extra feedback option can be prefaced with subjects such as what improvements your users’ desire, what types of options they would like to see, and much more.

4. Be down with the competition

While it may seem counterintuitive, giving your business counterparts a little recognition and respect will go a long way with your viewers. While most businesses engage in the kind of vicious savagery found in blood-fueled MMA matches, small businesses can make themselves stand out in an incredibly profound way by giving your competition recognition for their products and services and respect for their position in your industry.


This marketing campaign strategy imparts a sense of confidence in your company and shows that you are committed to being trustworthy and transparent in your professional goals, thus gaining the respect of your audience.

5. Play the Q&A Game

Live streaming, which we discussed above is found on nearly every social media platform of significance and is easily adaptable to create other media campaign strategies.

Live question and answer sessions between companies and its audience are one of the newer and most innovative campaign strategies used today by businesses taking advantage of social media platforms innumerable opportunities.

Q and A

Question and answer sessions harness the power of live streaming to connect with your customer base in real time to address questions, concerns, and suggestions about your organisation.

In addition to providing your business with invaluable information about how to improve their organisation, these Q&A sessions enable communication with your customers in a powerfully unprecedented way.

The benefits and potential of live Q&A sessions are exemplified by Mark Zuckerberg’s live Q&A session on Facebook. His first live session ever, it was an experimental, “pilot” sort of strategy that resulted in wild success as millions of viewers tuned in to either seek answers to their questions or to listen to the information being communicated back and forth between Zuckerberg and his immense audience.

The success of that initial Q&A session has resulted in Facebook implementing it as a media campaign strategy on a regular basis, with countless companies, brands, and individuals incorporating the strategy as part of their own campaigns.


Any smaller business or startup will want to use media campaign strategies to grow their businesses, expand their audience, and elevate profits. In today’s modern world, advertising campaigns have now essentially become digital media campaigns that take advantage of technology and social media to create meaningful relationships with your followers.

The most effective media campaign ideas will focus on increasing social media engagement and interactivity to foster a dialogue between your company and its customer base to ultimately generate consumer interest, provide constructive feedback, and broaden your organisation’s visibility in a wildly saturated online world.

The simple concept of being connected with others and sharing communication helps to build trust in your status as an authority with a degree of expertise that followers can trust and turn to time and again for useful information.

Growing your business through marketing campaigns taking advantage of social media can be achieved through a variety of methods and is also largely dependent on your level of creativity, willingness to take risks, and an unfailing commitment to consistency.

Incorporating these all-important methods into your online game will guarantee the success of your business and bring about myriad benefits for years to come.

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