Best Small Business Ideas for Bike Shops

by sarah on Monday, 6th August 2018

Aspiring entrepreneurs put considerable thought into the many aspects involved in starting the business of their dreams. For many, the difficulty does not lie within a lack of motivation, creativity, or ambition but more so a lack of understanding on how to structure and guide their business to success and profitability.

In today’s modern times, there are millions of startup companies led by hardworking, dedicated individuals all hoping to foray into the land of milk and honey to find the proverbial pot of gold.

Unfortunately, a majority of these startups will fail, not due to lack of perseverance or intelligence, but mostly because of the indisputable fact that some types of businesses are much more likely to succeed than others.

Bike shops are an excellent small business idea and can be revamped in plenty of ways to enter, occupy, and ultimately take over a niche market waiting to be filled. Bikes are an essential component in the world; used by men, women, and children in every country, every day. An enormous amount of bike-related small business ideas focusing on catering to the massive population of bike users can be extremely lucrative.

Bike Shop

However, perhaps you might prefer to fulfil another niche market that is rich with potential. Other great ideas for bike businesses include offering customisation services such as airbrushing, logo and emblems, painting, and more, in addition to opening a second-hand bike shop, which is rare and difficult for customers to locate.

The bicycle business has always been considered to consist of a retail, brick and mortar store selling new bikes and accessories. While still a viable business opportunity today (particularly in cities lacking these types of shops,) the fact of the matter is that the concepts of bikes and business can exist in completely different ways than in the traditional retail method.

The very best small business ideas for bike shops are the ones that recognise and immediately fill a vacant niche market that is ripe for the taking. There are so many aspects related to bikes that you can choose to specialise in, to eventually become an authoritative figure in your specialised market.

While by no means an exhaustive list of bike shop opportunities and ideas, those listed below are among the best available today, with immense potential for long-term success.

Bike Repair Business - If you love bikes and have a comprehensive understanding of their structural components and how to efficiently make repairs, a bike repair business may be the ideal business opportunity for you.

Bike Repairing

Combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, turn your passion and repair know-how into a small consider turning your passion into a small business that fulfils an empty local niche. Sure, there are plenty of bike repair businesses across the country, but there are legions of cities filled with cyclists who don't have access to a conveniently located bike repair shop.

Additionally, bikes are prone to breaking down over time and will often require repairs to tires, gears, and more. Start making plans today to be the professional authority cyclists turn to when they need repairs on their bikes quickly and efficiently.

• Selling second-hand bikes and bike accessories - When’s the last time you saw a retail shop specialising in selling second-hand bikes? I’d wager that its either been a long time or something that you have yet to see.

Millions of would-be cyclists in the UK are not riding bikes due to a variety of factors. Many people can’t afford the expense of purchasing a bike, while other people may have experienced damage to the bikes requiring costly repairs that are outside of their budget.

Bicycle Tools and Accessories

Selling second-hand bikes is an incredibly lucrative opportunity that is unique and caters to a huge population of people who are seeking affordable, dependable bikes to make their way to work, school, home, and more.

Make your business distinct by reconditioning used bikes to a nearly-new condition. Budget-oriented customers will be apt to readily purchase a second-hand bike featuring gleaming paint and handles, clean tires, and smoothly operating parts.

• Start a Courier Service - If you have the physical prowess and enthusiasm, why not offer same-day courier services across town? You can quickly deliver important documents for law firms, advertising agencies, and many other types of businesses who need to send correspondence immediately and cannot rely on regular mail.

Courier Service

Additionally, you can also deliver products for restaurants, disabled persons who are not able to travel, and anything else you can think of. Consider doing “double duty” by placing paid advertisements on your bicycle as you travel through your city making deliveries for a dual source of income

• Consider opening a junkyard for bikes - Why? Because this small business concept is full of opportunity and profit potential. When people no longer need their bikes (such as children who outgrow their bikes,), they typically have no idea what to do with them. You can’t simply put a bike in the trash.

Bikes Junkyard

While you could covertly sneak into the back of your local supermarket and throw your bike in the dumpster, there’s a better option out there.

Bike junkyards brimming with old, rusted, decrepit bikes can be a goldmine for owners in a variety of ways including:

Reconditioning bikes (particularly antique and vintage models) to new condition for resale at top dollar

• Being a prime destination for cyclists looking for affordable replacement parts for their own bike repair endeavours

• Selling hard-to-find, specialty parts to a broader audience online

• Obtaining free bikes to modify and customize into prize-worthy works of art worth top dollar

Most people make the mistake of living out their entrepreneurial dreams in a large-scale fashion that puts them head to head with dominant forces already existing in their industry. Business owners who make this mistake are placed at an immense disadvantage right away, as they have to contend with dynamic competitors and prove themselves in a market that’s already well occupied.

Smart small business owners tend to think on a different scale and level. They leverage their passions and interests while researching voids in the market that they can fulfil confidently, efficiently, and successfully.

From bike junkyards to cycling repair shops, these small business enterprises combine the enthusiasm and capabilities of owners with the fulfilment of an empty niche market that can be occupied by the pioneering, authoritative force that is your company.

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