Best B2B Lead Generation Practices for the UK Market

by sarah on Monday, 21st May 2018

How effectively B2B lead generation is done will directly determine the returns. B2B lead generation is capable of generating a high Return on investment if it is effectively done. The returns depend on the strategies a company employs while attempting to create leads.

Mastering the trick of lead generation is a must-have technique for any business that aims at succeeding at or multiplying its returns. Lead generation entails finding, building, and retaining clients and opportunities.

A successful generation of leads should involve activities like:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Create profiled databases for the future of the business
  • Locate broader markets for goods and services and enterprise is offering
  • Retaining the leads they obtained

So what B2B lead strategies practices work for the UK market?

B2B lead generation practices that work in the UK market

Some of the Best B2B Lead generation practices that will work for the UK market are discussed below.

Use of email marketing to generate B2B Leads online

To succeed in lead generation, a lead marketer should focus on first generating the leads, qualify them, obtain them, and then build a lasting relationship with the acquired clients.

Use of email marketing has proven to be a smart move for the B2B marketer. Additionally, use of email marketing has multiplied some of the enterprise’s revenues.

Email Marketing Concept

The tips below could help B2B marketers make the most out of their email marketing efforts:

  • Sending personalised emails to their targets
  • Using marketing automation to send personalised email highly

Email marketing has been effective, especially due to its capability to connect the B2B marketers and their targets at a more personalised level.

Use of Social media to generate leads

Many B2B marketers overlook the potential that social media could have in generating B2B leads. For quite a long time, social media has been considered to be a below average tool in helping obtain leads.

The marketers have no idea of how showing a friendly, approachable and a social side can attract loads of leads.

Social Media

The reason behind social media’s poor performance in generating leads is because the B2B companies’ lack effective strategies and techniques to utilise social media in generating leads.

The best platforms for obtaining B2B leads have been found to be LinkedIn and Facebook. The marketers should ensure that they are aggressive enough on such social media platforms.

Promoting and sponsoring their activities on these platforms will increase their overall chances of success. However, a lack of aggressiveness while marketing on social media may prove to be a waste of time.

Social media, such as Facebook, offers an opportunity for the B2B to directly target potential clients. Try out the social ads; they do have a significant impact on generating leads.

Incorporate Content Marketing in a B2B lead generation

Every enterprise needs to have content. The contents of the business should be:

  • Relevant to the target audience
  • High quality
  • Interesting

The above quality is most likely to attract more leads. If the content is irrelevant, boring and of poor quality, the potential clients will most likely overlook it.

Content Marketing

The B2B marketers can use the following to allow people to access their content easily:

  • Interesting and readable blog posts
  • Clear, interesting and refined videos
  • Question and answer posts
  • Use of infographics
  • Use of research reports
  • Create downloadable eBooks

It is advisable to use different tactics and platforms to help potential prospects access your content. This way, you will be capable of reaching a wider audience. It will also enable the marketers to know what works and what does not.

Use events to market the company

Events are a great way of marketing services to potential prospects. Depending on the size of the organisation, both a big or a small organisation can effectively and successfully organise events.

Events are a great way to:

  • Socialize with potential prospects
  • Obtain networking opportunities
  • Have a face-to-face time and get to know what potential prospects expect
  • Explain features of the services and goods to the prospects

Organizers should consider the following before and when they are organising the vent

  • The events should be within their means
  • Invitations’ should be sent to potential prospects
  • Marketing sessions should be included in the event

The agenda of the event should be to solve a problem, and not to directly acquire B2B leads.

Take advantage of Search Engine Optimization

Use of SEO is one of the most-effective ways of generating B2B leads. Use of SEO increases the business's chances of making the content viral and creating more traffic on their website. This way, the chances of generating leads, which in turn may increase the enterprise’s revenue, is increased.

B2B purchasers conduct their research online. They do not want to go over lots of articles before they finally get to what they are looking for. SEO will enable the purchasers to get what they are looking for without much struggle or hassle.

Search Engine Optimization

In your SEO campaign, it is recommended that you include keywords that may not be common but are a key target for the purchasers. To succeed in the SEO campaign, it is important to be familiar with what the purchasers could be looking for. This way, chances of gambling with words is greatly reduced.

It is recommended that you show an understanding of what you are talking about. Do not include keywords carelessly. If an understanding is shown, an interest is brewed in the potential clients.

B2B lead generation can be quite challenging, especially if the mastery of the activity has not been done properly. To effectively generate leads, ensure your target is clearly defined. It is impossible to say that the goods or services a particular enterprise is offering are suitable for everyone. Narrow down the target market and specify whose needs will be met if they use the products you are marketing.

When you have a clear target market, use the tactics discussed above. Ensure then lead generation is aggressive yet sociable and friendly at the same time. The returns the business will acquire will surely be worth the effort, investment and time.

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