Email Database: 5 Tips for Increasing Your Subscribers’ List for Your Bike Shop

by sarah on Thursday, 8th February 2018

One of the most influential marketing methods a company can adopt is email marketing via a mailing list. With the right content, you can indeed develop a strong connection with present and prospective customers

The benefit to email marketing is that information relating to your business is directly sent to the inbox of subscribers. Through email, you can send details to your target audience about new arrivals, sales, the latest videos and blog posts, as well as latest developments in your company and other relevant information. This is advantageous as many consumers use smartphones nowadays and, in most cases, emails are received right on their devices, wherever they are. Such a benefit provides accessibility and convenience.

With email marketing being such a fundamental tool, it is essential that your bicycle shop capitalizes on its benefits. However, to do so, you must ensure that you attract the right subscribers to your email list. Here are five ways to invite them to sign up for your newsletter and hopefully win over their business.

1. Keep the Subscription Process Simple

In your first attempt to encourage consumers to sign up for your email list, set up a pop-up window on your website that invites potential subscribers to sign up once they access your page. Keep the opt-in form very simple but informative.

On the opt-in pop-up form, let them know why they are signing up. For example, state the following: “Sign up to receive updates on new arrivals, exclusive offers and promotions”.

Below this header, provide two separate fields asking them to include their first name and email address. Requesting anything more than this can deter them from wanting to remain connected with you. Also, people have an incredibly short attention span, especially when reading emails. So, be sure to avoid the frills and get straight to the point.

2. Make the Subscription Option Openly Available

Aside from having a pop-up opt-in page that enables clients to subscribe, ensure that you always have it available in other parts of your website as well. It provides website pursuers with convenience and flexibility as it limits where they have to go to sign up.

To ease the process, leave the option to sign up fixed to the lower bar of your website. This ensures that regardless of where consumers go to your site, there is always an option to sign-up for your newsletter.

3. Encourage Subscribers to Sign Up For Social Networks

Social Media is saturated with potential customers. Make mention of your newsletter on your social pages and encourage them to join. Let followers know what they are missing by mentioning a secret sale that is exclusive to your email subscribers. Tell them that by signing up they too can take advantage of exclusive offers.

For example, host a subscriber-only sale that allows them to receive 15% off all bikes in your shop. Tell your social media followers that you are hosting a sale, but they must sign up to take advantage of the promotion. Post pictures of the items they can receive that are part of the promotion.

If you are on Twitter, post a link to your newsletter in the tweet and pin it to your page. If you are on Instagram, post the link to your newsletter in your bio. Make it easy for subscribers to find the newsletter, sign up, and reap the benefits of being on your list

4. Offer Them Something in Return

Consumers love knowing that when they do something, they will receive something back in return. Then again, that is pretty much everyone. To get new subscribers to sign up to your list, provide them with a special offer. Let them know before they sign up that a pending proposal awaits them.

Give first-time subscribers 10%–15% off of their first order at your cycle shop. A special offer gives customers a reason to sign up. Also, the discount obtained rewards them for signing up and gives you the opportunity to connect with them. Consumers love receiving offers, so gift them this incentive.

Also, it also incites them to use their discount code and make a purchase. This, in turn, improves your conversion rate and increases your revenue. All in all, it is a win-win situation for the consumer and also your cycle shop.

Another opt-in reward that can be provided is a feature that permits subscribers to receive tickets or VIP entry to a promotional sale or event being hosted at your cycle shop. There are so many rewards that can be offered the goal is to find one that is fitting.

5. Encourage Subscribers to Share Offers with Family and Friends

Offer a feature in your newsletter email that enables your subscribers to share key information or praiseworthy sales with their family and friends. Providing this option can independently increase your subscriber list.

Sharing emails allows prospective customers and subscribers to see what they are missing. By seeing a good offer being emailed to someone else, it encourages them to want the same. They then feel compelled to join in on the fun and reap the rewards of staying connected with your company.

Also, it allows your subscribers to spread the word about your cycle shop, the newsletter and the great sign-up offers. Plus, when a prospective customer sees that their close family or friend has subscribed, this may also give them another reason to join the list.


Your cycle shop will benefit tremendously from having an email marketing list. However, the key is having a list of the right customers. Remember to keep the process simple, offer flexibility and convenience, promote your newsletter through sharing and social media and be sure to reward your subscribers for signing up for your newsletter.

Adopting the suggestions mentioned in this article, along with other tactics you may have considered, will undoubtedly increase your list. It will also enable you to take advantage of email marketing and use it fittingly to improve your cycle shop’s authority and connection with its customers.

Don’t miss out on prospective customers. Adhere to the benefits of email marketing and watch your subscribers and business grow.

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