How an SEO Manager Will Affect Your Overall Online Strategy (Specific to Bike Shops)

by sarah on Tuesday, 27th February 2018

Search engine optimisation, shortened to SEO, is a procedure that involves attracting targeted traffic to websites through search engines. The purpose of this technique is to improve how high a website ranks in search results when keywords or phrases pertaining to that website are searched in search engines.

The benefit of an SEO strategy is that it places more visibility on your website and increases how many clicks your site receives. When searching for an answer, product or service, individuals are more likely to click on the first website they see. So, if your website happens to be the first or one of the primary websites listed for a search, you are likely to receive an influx of prospective customers pursuing your site and inquiring about your services.

Most companies are unaware of how to correctly implement strategies concerning SEO and this is where an SEO manager can be of significant benefit. They are well equipped with the right strategy and tactics required for improving your online approach. Overall, hiring one can have a positive effect on a bike shop. The benefits of employing a search engine optimisation manager are detailed below.

What Can an SEO Manager Do for a Cycle Shop?

Marketing teams are responsible for promoting a business and ensuring that through each campaign, the company is represented successfully. Their goal is to create promotional content that reaches their targeted audience, encourages their support and drives the brand forward. Primarily, they are responsible for developing and executing original ideas and concepts that drive results.

An SEO manager is an excellent addition to a digital marketing team. They offer specialised services that cannot necessarily be performed by another member of the team. They completely understand the fundamentals of SEO and always ensure that every marketing campaign is grounded in the essentials of this practice.

They offer technical website optimisation and ensure that all website content is enriched with the requisites of proper SEO campaigns. An SEO manager is an asset to any marketing team. While the marketing team’s goal is to produce and implement ideas, an SEO manager’s role is also to create them but instil the necessities of SEO into the marketing ideas and ensure that it matches faultlessly with its requirements.

A digital marketing idea is no good without an SEO strategy. For example, say your marketing team has agreed to post a new blog article every week for the next three months along with a corresponding YouTube video. The purpose of this marketing campaign is to increase awareness through the use of engaging content.

Now, although the idea is ingenious, it is essential that the right SEO elements are included to ensure that it reaches your targeted audience, and also brings traffic back to your website. An SEO manager will ensure that the right keywords and phrases, backlinks and other pertinent aspects are included to make the campaign a success. Also, they will use the right analytical tools to measure the achievements of the campaign and address the marketing team to make amendments if they do not add up.

SEO Managers Keep It Fresh

With their level of expertise, SEO managers have the tools and also the experience to keep campaigns afloat. By working closely with the marketing team from commencement to completion of the project, they will ensure its success. Also, with their ability to evaluate diagnostic web reports and assess performance, campaigns will be nurtured continuously. This will keep them fresh and aligned with expectations.

In addition to monitoring current campaigns, technical SEO managers also have the capacity to discover new and innovative ideas for marketing your cycle shop. Through keyword searches and performing in-depth SEO research, SEO managers remain privy to new campaign prospects that may not have been recognised by other team members.

By identifying new opportunities, managers can lead the SEO team in creating and developing campaigns that driven by innovative and inclusive SEO campaigns. Their addition to the team keeps things fresh but also aligned with the requirements and expectations of the business through the marketing campaign.

SEO Managers Help with Social Media and Reputation Tracking

In addition to their actions performed on improving websites, SEO managers also help with social media and your company’s visibility. By employing the services of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, they ensure that the keywords and various defining features remain consistent across the board.

This action ensures that prospects can find you and connect with your website or business through various platforms. SEO managers work diligently in refining the range and extensiveness of your social networks, as a means of ensuring that you remain connected to the right customers and traffic.

Through managing these characteristics, technical SEO managers can track how your brand is identified through search engines, social media comments, and other specialised content. This action allows them to monitor your name and ensures that you are represented positively.


SEO managers offer a variety of skills and tactics that can affect your overall online strategy. They provide SEO solutions for websites through link building, the creation of content, evaluation of analytics and many other actions. These activities work in cohesion and can influence the results your marketing campaign yields.

The abilities SEO managers have are profound and their presence makes a great addition to any marketing team. Their consistent research makes them aware of new opportunities and concepts that can improve your ranking online but also the advancement of your company.

Also, their commitment to positive interaction, social media promotion and various other marketing elements make them fantastic web strategists. They offer insight and information that is valuable and conducive to the growth of your cycle shop.

If you were uncertain before reading this article whether an SEO manager is ideal for your bike shop, perhaps you should reconsider. Experts of this calibre are capable of leading your team efficiently and achieving marketing goals that are entrenched in the value of SEO services and its practices.

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