Lead Generation Companies: What they do to Improve Your Cycle Shop Conversions Online

by sarah on Thursday, 22nd February 2018

Lead generation is a marketing procedure that involves transforming prospective clients into real customers that are interested in the products and services being offered by a company. For most business owners, promoting their brand and getting their name out there can be tedious, as it requires a great deal of time and effort.

For these exact reasons, many businesses turn to lead generation companies (LGC) as they provide various strategies and solutions for directing buyers to your business and its website. LGCs work diligently with companies to orchestrate a marketing campaign, comprising multiple solutions dedicated to helping businesses achieve the exposure and influx of customers they deserve and increase sales leads.

Regardless of the type of company you operate, any business can benefit from hiring a company that offers lead generation services. Cycle shops can profit just the same. Below is a list of a few solutions and strategies that most lead generation companies tend to offer. These same tactics can be applied to cycle shops seeking the right exposure.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a form of non-advertising that has proven to be beneficial for many companies and their website. It utilises specific keywords and phrases that are typically searched by prospective clients in search engines.

By optimising your website to include these particular words, Lead generation services help to deliver traffic directly to your site. Potential customers who are searching bike repairs in Google, for example, or any other search engine can be lead specifically to your webpage if this is one of the services offered to your customers.

Without the use of SEO keywords, it can be challenging for customers to find you organically and increase sales leads. As opposed to ranking on the first page for their search, you risk being bumped to lower insignificant pages that are often overlooked.

Landing Page

Landing pages are considered to be unique pages that are designed for a primary objective. They offer specific information for a particular product or service.

Clients are often led to this page by clicking on a specific ad or if they happen to search for the keywords contained on this page. These pages are optimised for conversion by lead generation firms.

For a cycle shop, this feature can be beneficial. If your company is, for example, offering specific services that are a part of a marketing campaign, a landing page will suffice. It provides fewer links that are more streamlined to helping clients find exactly what they are seeking, which can, in turn, increase your company’s conversion rates.

Paid Search Marketing

Most LGCs offer specialised services for pursuing the right prospects. These include creating different paid advertisements through platforms such as Facebook, Google AdWords, and others.

These advertisements are customised to attract the demographic your company is seeking. They can also be adjusted at any time to ensure that your audience is responding to them as intended. However, to guarantee that the right results are yielded economically, a budget must be provided.

Social Media

Social media is one the most influential and free marketing platforms that any brand or business can use. With over millions of people online daily, it is a breeding ground for success and exposure.

If your cycle shop is struggling to understand the concept of social media, lead generation companies also offer such services. They help clients market their businesses on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever medium is fitting for their needs.

LGCs works diligently to ensure that the right tactics are employed to increase your company’s following, improve traffic to your site and, of course, boost sales. Social media is the place to be and LGCs recognise this, hence why they are committed to helping their clients gain traction on its various platforms.

Media Brand Awareness

Aside from the significant power social media holds, traditional media outlets also carry the same weight. They understand that being seen in the press establishes authority and respect in your industry.

Continuous exposure in the media can encourage inquiries and, of course, the conversion of prospective clients into real customers. Consumers are driven by credibility and your presence in the media will encourage them to trust you and seek your services if they are in need of what you are offering.

Web Production and Development

The majority of consumers scour the Internet in search of the products and services they require. So, having a user-friendly website is crucial, especially for a cycle shop.

LGCs can help businesses create and develop a professional website that is easy to navigate. They ensure that the right tools and resources are available on your site so that consumers can find what they need.

Email Marketing

Contrary to the belief of many business owners, email marketing is still useful. It keeps businesses relevant and helps them to stay connected with their customers. It enables companies to deliver valuable content to their consumers. Coupons, rewards, instructional videos and other content can be distributed.

Cycle shops can benefit from this especially since many consumers have their emails attached to their phones. So, every time an email is transmitted you can anticipate for your audience to receive it instantaneously.

LGCs can help companies build effective marketing campaigns that strengthen ties with current clients and also reach out to new prospects. Email marketing is a very profitable strategy. However, for business owners that are uncertain of how to approach this strategy, LGCs offer comprehensive services that can assist.


Operating a cycle shop or any business can be hectic, as there are many obligations. By allocating marketing responsibilities to an LGC, you are allowing professionals with experience to improve your conversions.

Their level of ingenuity coupled with their experience, along with their intention of reaping results will surely benefit your cycle shop. With an LGC you can expect to see results. However, before any LGC is selected, do your research. Be sure that you choose a firm that has extensive experience and commendable reviews to demonstrate their proficiency.

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