Mobile App Design for Bike Retail Shops: Tips and Tricks

by sarah on Thursday, 15th February 2018

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology to fuel its everyday needs. With everyone being as busy and consumed with their daily activities as they are, businesses must adapt to these realities. Consumers are always seeking ways to get things done efficiently. Their lives are busy and so they expect to head to a store and complete their transactions promptly.

With such a shift in how fast-paced the world has become, retail businesses are expected to adhere to the needs of their consumers. This involves incorporating technology into how they interact with clients and drive their experience.

Designing and investing in a mobile app for a bike retail shop is a great way to better each customer’s experience. It can help to expedite the transaction, improve how customers view the business and add value to each customer interaction.

If you are considering a mobile app for your bike retail shop, here are a few suggestions. These can be utilised to help with the development and implementation of such an application.

There are various types of mobile applications that can be employed. The application can be customer service based, offer an online shopping platform, offer discounts, or operate as a QR scanner in-store that provides product related information. Let’s take a look at the various options that can be used.

Customer Service Based

Applications designed for improving the customer experience do precisely that. They help to better the customer’s in-store encounter and ensure a seamless interaction. They offer expedited customer service, enable independence and allow customers to feel as though they are in control.

An application of this class is very beneficial for a bike retail shop. You can offer options that allow customers to schedule bike repairs and receive assistance with their bikes. Another option that can be included is a check-in feature that lets employees know how early or late the customer will be for their appointment.

Depending on the size of the retail shop and the influx of customers received on a daily basis, the inclusion of a “request-help” feature can be beneficial. This will diminish the frustration of customers walking around the store to find an employee to assist. Instead, they can request assistance and have it come directly to where they are in the store.

Another excellent offering is the addition of a rewards program that allows clients to receive rewards for every purchase. The app can include a feature that enables clients to manage and review their points. It can inform them when they are eligible for specific discounts and products. This element again provides clients control and independence as they can check on the status of their account at any time.

QR or UPC Code Scanner

As much as customers admire being helped by store employees, they also respect the independence of being able to help themselves. By providing a mobile app that enables clients to scan QR or UPCs, allow customers to become privy to valuable information about the products that have their interest.

This feature helps them to find the right product and aid them in making the right choice before they complete their purchase. Additional features such as sale details, discounts on specific products as well as its availability are also advantageous to include.

Employee Focused App

Although responding directly to customer needs is excellent, an in-store mobile app can be beneficial for employees also. This application can help employees expedite every customer interaction. Features that allow them to check stock availability, schedule meet-ups, repairs or possibly complete purchases while on the floor, can prove to be beneficial.

Online Shop via Mobile App

Consumers love shopping online more so than going to the store. It eliminates lines and most importantly coincides with their busy schedules. Providing a mobile app that enables clients to shop directly from their smartphones or tablets and responds accurately to their requirements is something that no business should miss out on.

It allows them to access the store at any time simply by turning on their phone and opening an application. This feature also encourages more traffic to your e-commerce site as seeing the app on their phone will keep your store relevant to clients and keep them up to date with your products and service. Also, periodical notifications can inform them of new arrivals, sales and discounts.

Another element to include in the online shop is a simulated picture that can be used to show clients how specific additions can improve the aesthetic of their bikes. When their bike is placed within the frame of the image, they can “try on” the product and decide whether they approve and wish to proceed with the purchase.

There are so many different features that can be considered to improve how clients shop online and make decisions before they buy a product. An online mobile shopping app can very beneficial for both the retail bike shop and its clients.


Mobile apps are on the rise for many retail and online business. Customers love having access to information at their fingerprints, hence the reason for smartphones. These apps ultimately enhance the customer experience and encourage customer loyalty.

Customers adore businesses that are adherent to changing times and that offer products and solutions that answer to these changes. Mobile applications are not only fun, but they provide clients with a sense of independence and also exclusivity as it keeps them in the know.

Almost every small business has turned to mobile apps and that is because it is in demand. It offers convenience and allows clients to access your store, schedule appointments and do things on their own time.

Mobile apps help businesses to retain customers, improve their revenue and exceed the expectations ascribed to the typical customer experience. It leaves an impression on customers and allows businesses to stand above their contenders.

The tips and tricks mentioned in this article are intended to offer inspiration. It is also meant to encourage businesses to take their retail bike shop to another level by offering an innovative mobile app.

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