Tandem Bike Trips for a Unique Date

by sarah on Friday, 27th April 2018

Dating can be overwhelming enough without the thought of doing it on two wheels! But taking the plunge and trying an adventurous activity may just prove to change a date from ordinary to extraordinary.

What better way to discover your compatibility with a potential partner than to try your hand at an activity that requires teamwork? A tandem bike trip could tell you a great deal about this person’s patience, cooperation, and good humour. Perhaps you are fearful of the thought of toppling over, but how they react to a topple could indeed provide everything you need to know about the character and integrity of this would-be mate! Whether you prefer a mountain bike or a road bike, simply visit one of the many bike rentals and you’re good to go.

Road bike trips on a tandem bicycle offer a unique and entertaining alternative to get out of the rut of predictable coffee shop or cocktail dates (though you may certainly incorporate those activities into your road bike adventure).

Consider these ideas when planning a lively road bike adventure on a tandem bicycle for two!

A Scavenger Hunt

For particularly creative types, a tandem bike scavenger hunt would be a unique way to impress your date with a spirit of fun and adventure and even a little mischief. This will indeed require a fair amount of prep work on your part, and you will want to consider your date’s favourite places, foods, and hobbies as you organize your trip.

Different Drinks Glasses in Bar

Start with a series of clues for your date or even a “treasure map” of sorts. Each location you travel to on the tandem road bike will have some significance: perhaps one of the stops is the location where the two of you first met. Perhaps you also stop at your date’s favourite bookstore where a signed copy of a treasured novel awaits him. At another stop at a beloved local pub, the bar manager knows to play his favourite song as you enter. Have fun with your choices, balancing some sentimental and romantic gestures with some light-hearted and even frivolous stops as well. Perhaps at the end of the date, your partner has to jump in a fountain at a local park or join an improv group on stage at the local comedy club! But make sure you join in the fun as well, showing your date your spirit of adventure and sense of humour.

A Restaurant Tour

What better way to keep your energy levels fuelled for a long cycling trip than by enjoying some great cuisine along the way? A restaurant tour on a tandem cycle gives you the opportunity to try out new hot spots around town or stop in to visit some long-time favourites as well.

Restaurant Interior

Consider making this an “international” tour of sorts, with stops at a wide variety of restaurants offering ethnic cuisine. Perhaps a Thai first course followed by a French dinner and then topped off with an Italian dessert? No doubt you may end up a bit sluggish on the final leg of the journey, having enjoyed many delicious courses throughout the date, so it is a good idea to make the final leg close to home and even hill-free if possible!

A Trip Back in Time

Have you ever wanted to be a tourist in your own town, taking in its history and culture in ways you typically don’t make time for in everyday life?


A tandem bike tour of local museums, tourist attractions, and other cultural sites is a great way to explore your own surroundings and enjoy them with a date who may share your interests in local culture.

Art Gallery

Plan ahead by identifying a list of attractions: this could include a local history museum, art galleries, historic homes and gardens, and more. Be sure to check hours and availability for each site as well as any fees for entry. Impress your date even more by ordering tickets in advance online where possible!

Flowers in Garden

One particularly fun twist on this adventure would be to include some type of “haunted history” or a graveyard tour as well. Find out if your potential mate spooks easily beforehand!

A Scenic Journey

Cyclists love to commune with nature and for many drawn to cycling, this is one of its most appealing qualities: the opportunity to take in beautiful landscapes on the open road. A tandem bike date exploring outdoor spaces can be a thrilling and romantic gesture, making for an especially memorable day.

Countryside Home

Map out some of your area’s most scenic outdoor locations, whether parks with trails for cyclists or even more remote countryside locations. Plan to transport a picnic meal (or several picnic snacks) for you and your date to enjoy along the way. And clearly, the forecast will play a big role, as you will want to aim for a mild day with favourable conditions. A soggy ride to a muddied field does not bode well for a picnic (but it would indeed test the limits of your date’s good humour!)

And a Final Tip… Take a Test Run!

If you have never tried tandem cycling and are uneasy about it, ask a trusted pal to go on a tandem bike ride with you before your date. Getting yourself acclimated to the tandem cycle beforehand may calm your nerves and keep your fears at bay. Dating jitters can be a challenge for us all, and this test run could certainly reduce your stress and allow you to feel more at ease on the date. You could also give your planned route a practice run to ensure it is not overly ambitious in terms of time, distance, and terrain!

Bicycle Test Run

Boring and predictable dates drive singles back to the dating pool time and time again and a tandem bike adventure may set you apart from a forgettable lot.

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