Trends in Website Marketing for Staying Relevant in 2018

by sarah on Friday, 18th May 2018

Selling goods and services online might appear much simpler than it is in reality. Many businesses have failed in their attempt to conduct business online.

Mastering the tricks and techniques of website marketing is all a business person requires to stay relevant in website marketing. However, it is important to note that the trends keep changing annually.

Website marketing can be categorised into:

  • eCommerce websites
  • Affiliate marketing websites
  • Promotional websites
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Social media marketing such as on Facebook Social media marketing such as on Facebook.

In the recent past, website and digital marketing has taken a different route from what it used to be before. Furthermore, website marketing is becoming popular as days go by.

Now that website marketing is taking a new trend; most online business entrepreneurs may find it challenging to keep their business afloat. All a business person or an organisation has to do is try to stay relevant in the website marketing platform.

Online marketing trends for 2018

Some of the top trends that will enable business people and website marketers to stay afloat and relevant in 2018 are discussed below.

Smartphones are swiftly taking over internet surfing

If your website or digital marketing platform does not have a mobile version currently available, then you are surely missing out on a lot. Most internet users are abandoning desktops for smartphones. Their mobility is the main reason why they are swiftly taking over the desktops. The preference for smartphones has been on the increase.


According to a research conducted by Statcounter, from 2012, mobile usage has risen from 8.49% to 50.87% in internet surfing.

It is safe to ensure that your website has a user-friendly mobile version. The mobile version should be:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Have clear images
  • Have a clear, readable font

Google has also been prioritising the mobile phone users’ interest with its recent algorithms shift.

Videos are the way to go

A website marketer that uses both images and videos is at a level higher than a marketer who entirely uses images to market their goods and products.

Just ensure the videos are:

  • Interesting
  • Short and straight to the point
  • With minimal or no fluff
  • High resolution and clear

Video Marketing

If the above features are taken care of in a video, chances of clients viewing it to the end are increased. Furthermore, if the video is interesting, the viewers might share it on their personal walls and accounts.

Videos are swiftly becoming a preferred marketing tool because:

  • They give potential clients a clear view of what they are about to buy
  • Makes them understand how they can use a particular device before they buy it
  • It is easier to watch videos to gather information than reading loads of paragraphs

Marketers should strive to incorporate videos into their marketing because of the many advantages and gains the videos entail. Some of the advantages the videos guarantee a website marketer are as follows:

  • Videos encourage viewers and clients to give feedback
  • Videos are more interactive than long paragraphs of information
  • Videos have a higher potential of going viral

A combination of both forms of media will not only make your marketing diverse, but it will also make it easy to digest and attractive to your target audience.

Use Social Media in Marketing

Social media has proven to be a superior online marketing tool. If website marketers are not employing social media, they are surely missing out on significant opportunities.

Social Media Concept

Social media marketing comes with quite a large number of advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • Social media, especially Facebook, helps the marketers narrow down and aim at their target audience
  • Offers more friendly and interactive platforms

Instagram has continued to be a friendlier platform, after Facebook. In 2017, the app stated that over 800 million people use the app monthly. Since the creation of their most loved tool, Instagram stories, the engagement on the platform has been increased.

LinkedIn has also been a superior marketing platform, especially for B2B marketers. LinkedIn offers an excellent platform for ads.

Promoted Facebook posts have proven to be useful for marketing. The posts help the marketers reach a broader audience, which in turn increases their number of potential clients.

Google+ Reviews

Giving your clients an opportunity to leave a review on your site can work wonders. Many new customers would love to read reviews from people who have used your goods and services before.

Marketers who have enabled their customers to leave reviews have increased their customer gain. If new clients read positive reviews on your website, chances of them acquiring the product are increased.

Positive reviews will pop up on the Google + page when clients search for your brand. It is recommended that you request your customers to leave reviews and see the impact the reviews come along with.

Use the right tools to help with your SEO

Over 50% of traffic on a website is attributed to Search Engine Optimization. This implies that if the posts are SEO sensitive, the traffic on the page might be doubled. A site can remain irrelevant with very minimal traffic if the posts are not structured according to SEO guidelines.

Yoast is a good tool that works more effectively with WordPress. It offers easy and precise steps that help in the optimisation of the website for SEO. SEO has been an uphill task for most people. But with Yoast, the optimisation process is easier than it was before.

Search Engine Optimization

Website marketing is not as challenging as most people imagine. The marketers keep doing all the wrong things. Website marketing is simple, as long as you learn to keep up with the trends. It is important to note that this industry keeps evolving. Some of the trends are popular and effective today, but they may be forgotten tomorrow.

The current trends may be phased out as new techniques are developed. To succeed in website marketing, constantly research and stay updated on what trends are effective and what trends are becoming less effective.

It is always a good thing to try out many different ways of marketing. That way you will get a better feel for what works and what does not.

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