UX Developer: Ideas for Improving User Experience with Online Cycle Shops

by sarah on Wednesday, 28th February 2018

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, as there are numerous benefits ascribed to it. Primarily, though, it is the convenience and also the unceasing variety of items available at the fingertips of consumers, which keep them scrolling and adding products to their shopping cart.

Overall, despite the large number of buyers that enjoy shopping online at e-commerce sites, there is also a group of individuals that do not deem it favourable. Some aspects can contribute to this phenomenon. In most cases, it is the customer experience they do not enjoy or the complexity of the website. Regardless of the reason, there is always room for improvement.

Below are some ideas that can be used to assist with refining the user experience in your online cycle shop. These suggestions can be used to improve the usability, accessibility and satisfaction provided while shopping at your online store.

Keep it Simple with the Content

When it comes to selling to consumers, especially online, it can be tempting to upload everything that you are selling. You want your consumers to be completely aware of all that you are offering. Your goal is to make them an informed customer that can purchase a product without even considering your competitors.

Although the concept of fashioning an informed consumer is ideal, this can come off as overwhelming online if not implemented correctly. It can be overwhelming to bombard your consumers with an influx of texts, photos and information as it can result in a failed purchase.

Three words: keep it simple. Many e-commerce sites are either overcomplicated or cluttered with unnecessary things, putting potential purchasers off. Therefore, avoid overwhelming your customers with unnecessary information. Offer your products but be modest about it. Don’t give them more than they need. You may put all that you are offering online but categorise your items fittingly so that customers can find what they need effortlessly. This implementation is vital.

It advocates for accessibility as it allows your clients to find what they need without being distracted or confused with other unrelated information. It also improves the usability of your site.

Being able to navigate efficiently and find what they need is at the core of great customer experience online. Keeping your content comprehensible and straightforward is essential.

Display Quality Photos

Consumers shop with their eyes. To ensure that your customers are happy with what they see, offer them quality pictures for each item. This enables them to recognise what they need, as though they were in a store.

Also, by offering pictures that allow them to zoom in and out to view technical aspects is also a great benefit. They can consider features such as material, texture, and other pertinent elements.

Providing this offers reassurance and excellent user experience. For example, if selling a mountain bike, offer clear images of the bikes that you are selling. Provide different angles and, if possible, a picture or video of the bike in action.

Your overall goal is to offer a great user experience and, as a result, incite a purchase. Great images encourage such an action.

Provide Customer Reviews

Let prospective customers know how your product measures up by offering product reviews on your website. Consumers are influenced by what other people are saying about the product.

In fact, despite how great you claim your product to be, this doesn’t matter to consumers. Instead, they prefer to hear it from someone outside of your company that has tried the product and can offer real feedback.

Add a feature on your website that allows customers to comment their experience. This is an indispensable resource in which consumers and also your store can benefit.

If your product is excellent as you claim, allow your clients to be the promoters. A customer review or rating feature can add to the user experience and encourage customers to purchase your product.

Redefine How Customers Contact You

Surely enough, your customers will have questions. Make it as effortless as possible for them to find your contact information and reach out to you for inquiries. Customers have very little patience and will leave if they are unable to find your contact information or anything they are seeking.

Place your contact information in a distinct and inconspicuous place in your online shop such as in the main menu bar above your product categories. Positioning it there is easy to spot and clients know right before they peruse your site, where to find help. Nowadays, it also makes sense to have social media representation with links to the company’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

If possible, offer a live chat feature in addition to your regular contact. Provide this, for example, in the lower right-hand corner of your website so that it is easy to access. This is an added reassurance that lets clients know that help is readily available if needed.

Always provide clients with easy ways to contact you and to have their questions answered. This improves the user experience. It also diminishes the likelihood of them becoming frustrated or upset with absent or hidden contact information.

Another benefit is to offer an FAQ page. This allows clients to be self-sufficient and find the answers they need to easy questions without contacting you.


When consumers come to your page, they anticipate a rewarding experience. To fuel this satisfaction, perfecting usability, accessibility and customer approval is essential.

By honouring these design features, you are ensuring that your online shop continues to provide an experience that is equivalent, if not better, than being in a store. With an e-commerce site, it is pivotal that you quickly attract the attention of your consumers as this will offer retention and ensure that you make a sale.

Grab the interest of your customers right away and ensure they have a rewarding “in-store experience”. As most people surfing the Internet have a short attention span, make sure that your website has simple content, quality pictures, easy navigation and advanced customer contact. Most of all, ensure that your clients are offered excellent service every time they visit your online store.

Adhering to the suggestions mentioned can alter a client’s impression of your company and also how they navigate and use your site. Improving user experience on your website and creating a modern user-friendly design will result in customer satisfaction and shift more bikes. Give it a go and you will witness the increase in customer conversions and retention.

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